How Mentions Club Works

Register on Our Platform and Get MC Score

Once you register on our platform, we ask you to verify the ownership by HTML code.


After verifying the ownership, we manually check your website metrics (DA, PA, CF, TF, DR, RD), traffic website age, and give a score: Mentions Club Score.


Start Giving Backlinks to Get Backlinks

To start receiving backlinks, you need to give 10 backlinks to MC platform other members like you after the registration.

To give backlinks, you need to go to the Backlink Factory, choose your desired website, then provide a backlink by creating a new article or updating an old one.

In that process, you will be able to select the desired anchor text (keyword) that the receiver wants.

Once the article is ready and published, you will need to submit it in the MC platform to check and confirm the backlink.

MC Admission Process

Grow Your MC Rank to Be Visible for Websites with Higher Ranks

The more backlinks you give, the higher MC Rank you'll get. As a result, your website will be visible for sites with higher MC Scores.


To keep your MC Rank and account active, you are required to give at least 10 backlinks per month.

grow your site

How to Receive Backlinks

Once you are a member of MC, your website will start being shown in front of other webmasters. This way, you will have high chances to get backlinks from other sites.


You will need to fill the keywords space with your desired keywords. There will also be automatically added naked and branded keywords.


This way, we make sure that the backlink provider chooses the most convenient anchor text for him to give a backlink.


What is MC Score

We analyze each domain's DA PA from MOZ, TF CT from Majestic, DR RD and TRAFFIC from Ahrerfs, and SITE AGE to get the Score of each website, which is called MC Score.


Then we categorize each site based on the MC score, MC Rank, and category to be shown in front of the webmasters with the same MC Scores, making backlink transactions fear.

If the user is Active (giving backlinks actively to the community), he/she will benefit from the MC Rank. This will allow the User website to be shown in front of sites with a higher MC Score getting higher chances to get more authoritative backlinks.

mc score
MC Rank

What is MC Rank

This score indicates users' activeness and willingness to help each other. This may lead to getting better backlinks than the pre-established MC Score.


What does this exactly mean?


MC Rank will be determined based on the number of backlinks that the user gives: more contributed backlinks are equal to a higher MC Rank.


This algorithm is set to grow the most active users' sites to be shown in front of sites with higher MC Score value.


Short Example: If you contribute 250 BL to the community, you will be shown to websites with 50% higher MC Score.


If your MC Score is 35, you will be shown in front of websites with MC Score of up to 52.5.


52.5 MC Score translates to having metrics like:


DA-45 PA-40 from MOZ
TF-35 CT-40 from Majestic
DR-50 RD-1K+ and TRAFFIC 10-30K


To maintain the activeness of our community, there is one main rule. Contribute at least 10 BL per month to keep the current MC Rank and activeness rate.

Multiple Websites and Target URLs

At MC, our developed platform enables users to have multiple websites in one place.


The process to include a new Domain or target URL will be the same.


In both cases the user will need to give 10 backlinks on the admission process before the website starts getting impressions on the MC dashboard (This feature isn't active yet, meaning that you don't not to give 10 links at once to start receiving them).


The only difference is that to register a new domain, you will be required to verify the ownership.

multiple websites
multiple websites

Anti Backlinks Fraud


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