Frequently Asked Question


The main idea is to create the first ever indirect backlink exchange platform, where anyone can provide and receive high quality niche-related backlinks from only real websites. hat's why we have created the platform where each of us is willing to exchange or provide a backlink in order to receive another one back from another different MC member.

That means that at Mentions Club member A gives to member B, member B gives to member D, member F to member A, etc.


Once your account is active, you must provide 10 backlinks every month to the community no matter how many registered domains/URLs you have on MC platform. This will keep the platform alive giving as much value as possible to its members.

Each user can provide maximum 10 backlinks from his/her each domain. For example, if one has 4 registered domains on MC, then he/she can provide maximum 40 backlinks per day. However, maximum 10 backlinks per day will be counted while forming the MC Rank.

Your account status will be changed to passive and as a result, the account will get 5 times less impressions, consequently you will receive less backlinks.

Each MC member is required to provide maximum 3 backlinks from 1 article (we will count maximum 3 per article) to 3 different MC users. This is intended to avoid any kind of potential SPAM looking article, which will damage all the links and user's site.

You can ask the taker to provide another text. Here, no one is imposed to do things that he/she doesn't want to do. You can refuse to provide a link to that taker and find others.

The intention of MC is to help each other to get most of it. If you are unwilling to cooperate with the community then you will get 1 warning for each unwillingness to cooperate. After 5 warnings, you and your account will be banned forever.

You can change the target domain/URL 4 times per year. We will allow you to change the domain/URL because we believe that being flexible is the success point for all of us. That’s why, you will be able to change the URL every 3 months.

You can change the registered domain/URL by paying extra $10 after at least 3 days of being registered on MC platform.


This function has been created to make things easier when it comes to inserting anchor texts in articles. There can be tons of times when the giver places an anchor text where it is not fully compatible with the text and may seem quite spammy.

That is why the taker can request a change providing a text paragraph with the anchor text included. That way the giver has only to copy paste the provided text in case all agree to move forward.

You are required to provide only dofollow links, as nofollow links give almost zero ranking value.


Yes, the prices are set to be changed. However, all the users of the waitlist will benefit by having the current Special Prices within 1 year.

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