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The first indirect backlink exchange platform that unites all webmasters in one place for one mutual purpose. 
Help each other with mentions to grow on SERP.
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Natural Growth

Getting Backlinks from real and related sites gives you huge advantage compared to PBNs or low quality links

Aligned with Google Rules

If you Respect Google rules, Google will reward you on SERP, giving you more traffic.

Save Time and Money

Taking the time to go one by one asking for a link is time-consuming and expensive, which is often inefficient.

All-in-one place

MC connects people with similar interests towards the same goal: Growing Organically on SERPs.

What is Mentions Club?

What is Mentions Club?

Mentions Club (MC) is a platform that allows anyone to receive relevant backlinks from real websites. There is one essential rule: to share backlinks with the community with the purpose to help each other improve rankings.


All the given and received backlinks will be at the same category and metrics to ensure that the link providing and receiving process is fair, easy, cost and time-effective.


Only real website owners will have access to the platform to maintain the high-quality standards.

How It Works

Get Started MC
Get Started MC

Get Started

To become an MC member, you need to register on the platform and verify the website ownership.

Get Connected MC
Get Connected MC

Get Connected

To start receiving backlinks, you need to give 10 backlinks to MC community other members like you (This feature isn’t active yet, meaning that you don’t not to give 10 links at once to start receiving them).

Get Organic Growth MC
Get Organic Growth MC

Get Growing

To keep your MC account active and get as many backlinks as possible, you need to give at least 10 backlinks per month to MC community other members.

How It Works: Rules

How It Works: Rules

How to Get Backlinks


Each MC member is advised to give at least 10 backlinks per month to MC community other members to get the most out of it. Your website will be shown to other webmasters with the same category and MC Score, increasing the chance to get more backlinks.


In addition, the newcomers will be giving 10 Backlinks on the admission process (This feature isn’t active yet, meaning that you don’t not to give 10 links at once to start receiving them).


MC Algorithm will make sure that the websites that get less backlinks, get more impressions to fill the gap between better performing websites.


Because the Future of Marketing is Community!

We have created Mentions Club to help the SEO and blogging community in the hard, time-consuming and expensive journey that each one of us goes through Below you can find 4 main benefits you can get by joining Mentions Club community.

Get Connected MC

Natural Backlinks from Niche Related Real Websites.

All the websites on MC platform are ownership verified, categorized by type and niche. This guarantees that only real websites get access to the platform. No junk sites and PBNs are allowed.

Keeping the Quality of
Link Building Process.

On MC platform, users have the option to request an anchor text change in case the giver didn’t provide the correct anchor on the correct place and report a link in case another member is not cooperative. This ensures that the received link fits naturally in the article.


Time and Cost-Effective.

MC platform unites people who have the same goal: to grow organically on SERP. This eliminates the need to search for people and backlinks, saving you tones of time and efforts.

You can use the platform for free or choose monthly or yearly plan, which is a symbolic subscription fee to join us, that is about 10 times lower than you would spend on one backlink from a high quality real site (Learn more about the packages on the Pricing page).


Strong AntiBacklink Fraud Measures.

With the MC rules, we make sure that our community members provide reliable information about their website, get and receive dofollow links from working pages and make sure that the provided anchor text fits receiver’s expectations.


In addition, the backlink auto checker (crawler) inside MC platform makes sure that the links do not get deleted later on.

Our Community Backlink Flow

The number of backlinks under circulation when we reach the following numbers of users.

1000 Users

10000 Backlinks under circulation

1600 Users

16000 Backlinks under circulation

1900 Users

19000 Backlinks under circulation

2200 Users

22000 Backlinks under circulation

2500 Users

25000 Backlinks under circulation

Platform Details

AI Powered

BIG DATA Processing

Fully Encrypted

Cloud Based Application

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